Packet Tracer 7.0 - Precision Time Protocol

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What is Precision Time Protocol (PTP) ?

Precision Time Protocol (P2P) is a new feature of Packet Tracer 7.0 available in IE2000 industrial switches.

This time synchronization protocol is defined in IEEE-1588 as Precision Clock Synchronization for Networked Measurements and Control Systems, and was developed to synchronize the clocks in networks devices that include distributed device clocks with various levels of precision and stability. Acurate time synchronization is vital for smart grid power automation applications such as virtual power generators and peak-hour billing, but also for network outage monitoring tools which require a high level of time accuracy and stability.


PTP configuration in Packet Tracer 7.0

Precision Time protocol can be simulated in Packet Tracer 7.0 using IE2000 switches. These switches features PTP boundary, end-to-end transparent, and forward modes.

Switch(config)#ptp mode ?
  boundary        Boundary Clock mode
  e2etransparent  End-to-End Transparent Clock mode
  forward         Forward packets without processing

Configure PTP using the following commands and verify the configuration using the show ptp clock and show ptp port IOS command :

Switch(config)#ptp mode boundary 
Switch(config)#interface fastEthernet 1/1
Switch(config-if)#ptp enable 


Switch#show ptp clock
  PTP Device Type: Boundary clock
  PTP Device Profile: Default Profile
  Clock Identity: 0x00:50:0F:FF:FE:0A:9D:00
  Clock Domain: 0
  Number of PTP ports: 10
  Priority1: 128
  Priority2: 128
  Clock Quality:
        Class: 248
        Accuracy: Unknown
        Offset (log variance): N/A
  Offset From Master(ns): 0
  Mean Path Delay(ns): 0
  Steps Removed: 0
  Local clock time: 01:51:07 UTC mars 30 2011 

Switch#show ptp port 
 PTP PORT DATASET: FastEthernet1/1
  Port identity: clock identity: 0x00:50:0F:FF:FE:0A:9D:00
  Port identity: port number: 1
  PTP version: 2
  Port state: MASTER
  Delay request interval(log mean): 5
  Announce receipt time out: 3
  Announce interval(log mean): 1
  Sync interval(log mean): 0
  Delay Mechanism: End to End
  Peer delay request interval(log mean): 0
  Sync fault limit: 500000000