Try Cisco Packet Tracer online

Packet Tracer Anywhere has been designed by Cisco and the Open University to make Cisco Packet Tracer features available from a web browser. For the first time in Cisco Packet Tracer history, it can be freely accessed from the Internet and integrated in e-learning environment. However, the Github project seems to be freezed and Packet Tracer Anywhere has not been upgraded with the new Packet Tracer 8.2.1 engine.

PTAnywhere is an easy to use but authentic HTML5 interface for Cisco Packet Tracer running on a server. Server-side Packet Tracer components are accessible through an open API. Compared with the desktop version, only limited devices are provided : only a single C2960 switch running IOS 12.2 and a single ISR 2901 router running IOS 15.1(4)M4.

Get started with the new Packet Tracer online simulator and enjoy the capabilities of this new Cisco network simulation tool.

More informations about PTAnywhere used in this page on . The project does not sems to be maintened anymore : no new code has been published on Github since summer 2016.

Published by Packet Tracer Network.

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