Packet Tracer Network CCNA labs

CCNA labs - LAN Switching

Lab 1 : Basic switch setup Download packet tracer 5.3 basic switch setup lab
Lab 2 : Configuring switch interfaces Download packet tracer 5.3 interface configuration lab
Lab 3 : VLAN and VTP configuration Download packet tracer 5.3 vlan and vtp lab
Lab 4 : Port security Download packet tracer 5.3 vlan  and vtp lab
Lab 5 : Troubleshooting Coming soon

CCNA labs - WAN

Lab 10 : Configuring serial links Coming soon
Lab 11 : HDLC Download packet tracer 5.3 HDLC lab
Lab 12 : PPP Download packet tracer 5.3 PPP lab
Lab 13 : Frame Relay Download packet tracer 5.3 Frame Relay lab

CCNA labs - IP Routing

Lab 6 : Basic router setup Download packet tracer 5.3 basic  router setup lab
Lab 7 : Static routes Download packet tracer 5.3 static routes lab
Lab 8 : RIP v2 Coming soon
Lab 9 : Troubleshooting Coming soon


Packet Tracer Network CCNP Enterprise labs

CCNP Enterprise students can download labs to practice AAA (Radius authentication) and etherchannel. Wired 802.1x support has been added in Packet Tracer 7.2 and a lab will be released soon to provide 802.1x training for CCNP Enterprise exam preparation.

Lab 14 : Radius authentication Download packet tracer 5.3 radius lab
Lab 15 : Configuring Etherchannel Download packet tracer 5.3 radius lab
Lab 16 : 802.1x Coming soon
Lab 17 : Dynamic ARP inspection (Packet Tracer 7.3) Coming soon


Packet Tracer Network CCNA Security labs

CCNA Security labs can be downloaded for Packet Tracer versions starting from 6.1 as this version was the first to feature an ASA 5505 Firewall.These labs allow students to practice clientless SSL VPN, site to site VPN, and firewalling with deep packet inspection feature.

Packet Tracer lab topology with ASA 5506-X for CCNA security

Lab 16 : Clientless SSL VPN (WebVPN) Download packet tracer 6.1 ASA clientless SSL VPN lab
Lab 17 : Site-to-site IPSEC VPN Download packet tracer 6.1 ASA clientless SSL VPN lab
Lab 18 : ASA 5506-X DMZ configuration (PT >=7.2)
Lab 19 : Deep Packet Inspection Download packet tracer 6.1 ASA clientless SSL VPN lab
Lab 20 : CBAC trafic Inspection with ISR router Download packet tracer 6.1 CBAC trafic inspection lab

Sample labs provided with Packet Tracer 8.0.0

Sample labs are provided by Cisco with each new Packet Tracer version to help students to discover the new features / devices of the version. They also provide interesting usage / labs ideas for Network teachers to illustrate how network features work. Documentation is included as text boxes in each lab.

Below is the list of new sample labs provided with Packet Tracer 8.0.0 in C:\Program Files\Cisco Packet Tracer 8.0\saves directory :

Bluetooth :

  • beacons.pkt :
  • bluethooth Audio.pkt :
  • bluetooth tethering.pkt : Bluetooth Tethering enable sharing of mobile phone network connection using Bluetooth.
  • paired connections.pkt :


  • ipv6_address_prefix.pkt : Lab featuring Cisco 1941 ISR routers. One router is configured as a DHCPv6 server, the other as DHCPv6 client. The client has to be configured with the ipv6 address dhcp command on gigabit 0/0 interface

HomeRouter :

  • hr-beamforming.pkt
  • hr-guest.pkt
  • hr-isp-vlans-ip-dhcp.pkt
  • hr-isp-vlans-ip-static.pkt
  • hr-wireless-ap.pkt
  • hr-wireless-media-bridge.pkt

IoT :

  • real-http-server-js.pkt
  • real-http-server-py.pkt
  • real-http-server-vis.pkt
  • real-websocket.html
  • real-websocket.pkt

Meraki :

  • meraki_SA_firewall.pkt
  • meraki_SA_pppoe.pkt
  • meraki_SA_sample.pkt
  • meraki_SA_wireless.pkt
  • meraki_SA_wireless_wep.pkt
  • meraki_SA_wireless_wpa2_enterprise.pkt


  • chained_ntp_network.pkt
  • ntp_router.pkt
  • ntp_switch.pkt


  • pppoe_ipv4_ipv6_dual.pkt
  • pppoe_ipv6.pkt
  • pppoe_multipleClients.pkt

Dynamic ARP Inspection :

  • dai_sample.pkt : Lab demonstrating DAI capability of Cisco 2960-24TT catalyst switch with an ISR4331 router and two wired DHCP clients.

dot1x (802.1x authentication) :

  • wired dot1x.pkt : Lab demonstrating the dot1x authentication capability (username / password scenario, not EAP-TLS) of the Cisco catalyst 2960-24TT switch.  The authentication port-control auto and dot1x pae authenticator commands are configured on the interface on which 802.1x authentication has to be enabled


  • IPv6 OSPF point-to-point capability has been added with Ethernet interfaces
  • IPv6 behavior has been improved in Packet Tracer 7.3.1