What's new in Packet Tracer 5.3

Cisco Packet Tracer 7.4.0T and 8.0.0 have been released ! Current build is Packet Tracer Have a look at Cisco Packet Tracer 8.0.0 new features.

Packet Tracer 5.3.3 was a maintenance release which replaced the previous version 5.3.2 and fixed technical issue.

Packet tracer 5.3 version introduced new protocol support and enhanced functionalities :

  • VOIP : Call Manager Express (CME) enabled on 2811 router.
  • Border Gateway Protocol (BGP) – limited implementation that allows for a more realistic representation of the Internet for scenarios
  • Wireless : Improved LinksysTM WRT-300N router and WEP security algorithm support.
  • Cable and DSL devices enhancements
  • FTP server and client. FTP client on router and switches.
  • Email server and client (SMTP and POP3)
  • Generic IP end devices (servers, printers, VOIP device, phone, wireless tablet, ...) to create more versatility in device creation
  • Activity Wizard Initial Tree enhancements  (more scenario variations allowed).