Packet tracer 8.2.1 available for download !

Update 09/03/2023 : A new Cisco Packet Tracer 8.2.1 version has been released for download on Netacad website. This is a bugfix release fixing several bugs on accessibility, usability, and security of Packet Tracer 8.2.

Cisco Packet Tracer 8.2 has been released for download in August 2022 on Cisco Netacad. Current build is Packet Tracer This is a maintenance release of Packet Tracer 8.X family with many message boxes being reworked for better clarity, bug fixes and a fix regarding incompatible DLLs that caused Packet Tracer crashes.

Cisco Packet Tracer 8.2 build splash screen

Cisco Packet Tracer 8.2 new features

Packet Tracer 8.2 main new features are :

  • New command "show ip ospf interface brief" and "show ipv6 ospf interface brief".

  • Edge scrolling while dragging has now returned.

  • Proxy settings can now be set from the login window.

  • Selecting the CLI tab will now auto focus onto the command line itself when not using any assistive technology tools.

  • For easier translations of the interface, the lupdate and lconvert tools are now part of the package.

  • Thanks to community reports, many message boxes have been reworded for better clarity.

  • Thanks to community reports, certain incompatible DLLs that caused crashes are now blocked from loading inside Packet Tracer.


New OSPF command

Cisco Packet Tracer 8.2 introduces the "show ip ospf interface brief" command which can be used to display which interfaces are enabled into the OSPF process. OSPF configuration is a topic of the 200-301 CCNA certification exam.

The following sample shows the command result on a Cisco ISR 1841 router with two OSPF neighbors. The FA0/1 interface is currently doing the DR-BDR election process on as this interface isconnected to a multiaccess broadcast network segment.

Router#show ip ospf interface brief 
Interface     PID   Area                     IP Address/Mask          Cost  State  Nbrs F/C
Se0/0/0         1                64   POINT  0/0
Fa0/1           1                1     WAIT  0/0

After OSPF adjacency convergence, the router has been elected as Backup Designated Router on the ethernet segment.

00:00:45: %OSPF-5-ADJCHG: Process 1, Nbr on FastEthernet0/1 from LOADING to FULL, Loading Done

Router#show ip ospf interface brief 
Interface     PID   Area                     IP Address/Mask          Cost  State  Nbrs F/C
Se0/0/0         1                64   POINT  0/0
Fa0/1           1                1      BDR  0/0

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