Cisco Packet Tracer 8.x new features

An EoL date is set for Packet Tracer (PT) Mobile with end of availability being 1 July 2021. Networking Academy recommends utilizing the desktop version of Packet Tracer, which is the official version for Networking Academy courses. After 1 July 2021, PT Mobile will no longer be available on mobile Apple and Google stores.

Packet Tracer Mobile 3.0 is the new Cisco Packet Tracer version for Android and Apple devices (mobile with large screen and tablets) based on Cisco Packet Tracer 7.0 simulation engine. Released on May 12th 2017, this new version includes the Packet Tracer 7.0 Internet of Things (IoT) features as well as the new programming capabilities.

There is no mobile version for Windows phones or tablets as Packet Tracer 7.0 desktop version can be successfully installed on a Windows 10 tablet device (successfully tested with Windows 10 creators update).

Packet Tracer Mobile 3.0 includes the new Cisco IE2000 industrial switch and Cisco 829 Industrial integrated service (ISR) router already availables in Packet Tracer 7.0


Packet Tracer Mobile 3.0 (android) routers

Packet Tracer Mobile 3.0 network switches including IE2000 industrial switch


Download and installation procedure

Update 10/09/2017 : Packet Tracer Mobile 3.0 version is now available for both android and apple devices.

As the desktop versions of the network simulator, Packet Tracer Mobile 3.0 is now freely distrbuted by Cisco but requires a Netacad login at first launch :

        1. Install Packet Tracer Mobile 3.0 from Google Play
        2. Open a free account on Cisco Netacad website
        3. Sign up for Packet Tracer Mobile 101 (English), a 1.5-hour self-paced tutorial
        4. Launch Packet Tracer Mobile 3.0 on your mobile device and use your NetAcad login can be used to sign in.


Android version - 3.0 - English

Packet Tracer 3.0  QR Code Download Packet Tracer 3.0 on Google Play


Apple version - 3.0 - English

Packet Tracer 3.0 has been relesed for Iphone/Ipad devices on 2th June 2017

Packet Tracer 3.0 Apple Store QR Code Download Packet Tracer 3.0 on Apple Store


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