Packet Tracer Mobile 2.1 available for download

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Packet Tracer Mobile 2.1 is the new Packet Tracer version for Android and Apple devices (mobile with large screen and tablets). Released on October 18th 2016, this new version includes the Packet Tracer 6.3 simulation engine as well as bug fixes and minor improvements.


Network devices available in Packet Tracer Mobile 2.1

The network devices are similar as the ones available in Packet Tracer 6.3 desktop version. The ASA 5505 firewall, the Cisco 819 router, and the 3G devices are available in this release.

Packet Tracer Mobile 2.1 - ISR Routers

Packet Tracer Mobile 2.1 - Wireless routers and Access Points

Packet Tracer Mobile 2.1 - ASA Firewall

End devices emulated (servers, PC, ...)

Packet Tracer Mobile 2.1 - End devices



Packet Tracer mobile 2.1 activity


Download and installation procedure

As the desktop versions of the network simulator, Packet Tracer Mobile 2.1 is now freely distrbuted by Cisco :

    • 2. Open a free account on Cisco Netacad website
      3. Sign up for Packet Tracer Mobile 101 (English), a 1.5-hour self-paced tutorial
      4. Launch Packet Tracer Mobile 2.1 on your mobile device and use your NetAcad login can be used to sign in.


      Android version - 2.1 - English

      Packet Tracer 2.1  QR Code Download Packet Tracer 2.1 on Google Play

      Apple version - 2.1 - English

      Packet Tracer 2.1 Apple Store QR Code Download Packet Tracer 2.1 on Apple Store