Download Cisco Packet Tracer 7.0 build 306

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Cisco Packet Tracer 7.0 is created by Cisco SystemsTM and is now provided for free to everyone. Self learners are now able to download Cisco Packet Tracer after registering on Cisco Netacad website (Packet Tracer 6.2 and previous were only available for Netacad teachers, students, and alumnis). A free Packet Tracer 101 (English), a 1-hour self-paced online course is also offered to every registered (free) student to help them get started with Pracer 7.0 . Packet Tracer 6.3 will continue to be available for download on the Netacad website, but the previous 6.2, 6.1.1, 6.0.1 and 5.3.3 have been removed from the netacad website.

This is a major change in Cisco delivery policy for Packet Tracer as previsou versions were only available for Netacad students and instructors.

Cisco Packet Tracer 7.0 is the latest Packet Tracer versions currently available for download for Cisco Netacad members. Packet Tracer 7.0 is provided with several tutorial files allowing academy students to discover the software features.

The software can be downloaded from the Packet Tracer resource page on Cisco Networking AcademyTM website. Log in to Cisco learning website and select Resources > Packet Tracer in the menu to access the download page.

Keep your Packet Tracer 7.0 updated !

Cisco development team periodically publish Packet Tracer 7.0 updated builds on Netacad. The current Packet Tracer build is build (the build number was 202 when Packet Tracer 7.0 was released on June 2016). This version corrects several bugs. An update info box would be nice to inform users of the availabilty of new versions.

 Packet Tracer 7.0 build 306 spash screen

Cisco Packet Tracer 7.0 download data

File : Cisco Packet Tracer 7.0 32 bit (Windows 7, 8.1, 10)
File size : 72,7MB
MD5 : 05F48785C04494F8E95B859D1DA40517
SHA-1 : 255E89578FC01B7D120133DAE44D9064A92FCBE3

File : Cisco Packet Tracer 7.0 64 bit (Windows 7, 8.1, 10)
File size : 78.4MB
MD5 : 3044658D9935722C4AFA06FE273158B6
SHA-1 : 0F152E0D6D8E83DFB1DBFCB7100258E123399149

File : Cisco Packet Tracer 7.0 32 bit (Ubuntu 12.04)
File size : 106MB
MD5 : 2A67E940AF50000B09C0A56CC0F0F166
SHA-1 : 57C20C833AE81F8EABAA986BE86706312C3B046E

File : Cisco Packet Tracer 7.0 64 bit (Ubuntu 14.04)
File size : 106MB
MD5 : DF4C81C91EB0CCA2CA55C17D90C17F79
SHA-1 : 8360FF98C40F9E0CB53F420F135A48552D3AED12


Packet Tracer Mobile 2.1

Packet Tracer Mobile 2.1, based on Packet Tracer 6.3 engine, is now freely available for Android and Apple mobile devices. Check the new features here

Cisco Packet Tracer Mobile can be freely downloaded on Google Play Store or Apple Store. Register on Cisco Netacad (now free registration open !) before using the software and use your credentials to unlock the software.

Download Packet Tracer 2.1 on Google PlayDownload Packet Tracer 2.1 on Apple Store


Old versions

Cisco Packet Tracer 6.2 student version

File : Cisco Packet Tracer 6.2 for Windows Student Version
File size : 147 MB
MD5 : 99f7e5e6af486e79b0564b44720a6692


Cisco Packet Tracer 6.2 instructor version

File name : cisco packet tracer 6.2 for windows instructor version.exe
Publisher: Cisco Systems, Inc. (file signed by Cisco Systems, Inc. CN="Cisco Systems, Inc.", OU=Digital ID Class 3 - Microsoft Software Validation v2, O="Cisco Systems, Inc.", L=San Jose, S=California, C=US , serial number : 37531C4EB56A967FE17E390590A07763)
Product: Cisco Packet Tracer 6.2 Instructor
MD5: 728bde5986ae67b3bba14b8ad7da099a
SHA-1: 4e4a601d846b7725ff5eb1704bb43571b0b78f17
SHA-256: b2674379f3c1c8b9fdd6bfa956104e1d05ce2fb8d9d7279cd623453ada1ec559



Packet Tracer add-ons

PTBridge - Connect Packet Tracer 7.0 to a real network

The PTBridge java utilitary has been validated working with Cisco Packet Tracer 7.0 . This tool provides real network connectivity to Packet Tracer, and thus the ability to connect to other lab environments. Download it from Github and connect your Packet Tracer labs to your real Cisco devices !.

Download PTBridge from GitHUB

Download PacketSocket library from GitHUB

Download GNS3

GNS3 1.5.3 has been released on the beginning of January. This is a minor release upgrading QT to version 5.7 and fixing a GNS3 server start problem. A GNS3 v2.0.0 beta 3, which is a beta preview of the next major release, has also been released

GNS3 1.5.3checksums :

  == GNS3-1.5.3-all-in-one.exe ==

sha256: b95abcfd0c52070d92dc8857f15aeb0c3b84b18feaa45e57cbad5da4b80c0df7
sha1: 7021eabd4944e1c384867386e976b445ce7f74a7
md5: efa553f0cc9f637fd006cc3dc1372647

== GNS3-1.5.3.dmg ==

sha256: 5c5498883a626563f50c7da7bf7ed7232d1937373bc6f2592a4cdd106505d926
sha1: bf7de865ea69a2c6857da92b783f9a112d92a554
md5: e3b74d164c13899ea39303eec26525b4

== ==

sha256: 0050d1e372a1e88db9a8e147d986cd850b25745e102a42fdfaacc691d44771e7
sha1: ce2c2bf295459dcaeb61817a585e31cb66a439f6
md5: 6a7a3dd0b47152d84f13d7a322556399

== ==

sha256: 695609f3591b7f9b85c5d551361f2c69c6c0252dfee016883691925058d453b2
sha1: f86fc10be605179eccbbb8d8bea17d48ccd66188
md5: e9f0dac2514b37de5f00dd2bf5f415a0

== ==

sha256: fe1540e2aaeff2bc4b5529787ef7eabf3670f4af90494670e7ff455bc24308b2
sha1: 0bb146bc0ba26b512ca7c66152ecac91e90da25d
md5: 3467af6a2e6dbf2d6f40b02bd996ef3a

== ==

sha256: 6cec98594fe043bb0d50b78a21a35da5d1be8981c90320b217b4b1a56809e242
sha1: daa14f9d77d5518deee90218c04518201530b252
md5: 6e486a5081f29c7cd38b4875e891b4a9

Download GNS3 from official website


Download Cisco UCS Platform Emulator

UCS PE (Platform Emulator) is a powerful Cisco UCS Manager emulator allowing CCNP datacenter students to learn how to configure the UCS environment. The current version emulates the UCS manager 3.1(2e), which includes the new S3260 storage server. These release can't be connected to GNS

Download Cisco UCS PE